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Part of caring for your smile includes caring for your gums. When you don’t care for your gums, it can lead to disease and open up your smile to decay and damage. A periodontist is a specialist that can help care for your gums and help with preventative measures for your gum care. A periodontist can also treat any gum disease that you might be dealing with and can help you start treatment as soon as possible to keep your gums and smile as healthy as possible!

Keeping Your Gums Healthy

A periodontist is specially trained to help prevent and treat periodontal disease from occurring and this can help keep your smile healthy! Your periodontist will first inspect your smile and look for any signs of gum disease. If they spot any issues, they can help figure out the best form of treatment to strengthen your gums and keep your smile looking great.

Not only can your periodontist help with any issues with gum disease, but they can help treat other issues with your gums. If you deal with excessive gums and have what is known as a gummy smile, your periodontist can help you by performing surgery to reduce the look of your gums and give you a more even and symmetrical smile.

A periodontist can also help place and restore dental implants if you’re missing a tooth. You’ll be able to have a full and complete smile again and will regain full functionality to your mouth. Your periodontist will sit down and look at your medical history to ensure that you’re getting the best treatment possible and will keep your smile fully strengthened and functional.

Having a healthy smile is so much more than caring for your teeth alone. Contact your periodontist at Sunrise Dentist PA in Sunrise, FL, at (954) 845-0666 to take care of your gums!

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